Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Testing the quadrotor @ IES IPS Academy

See how powerful this Quadrotor "dragon" is? So we tied the threads to this machine.
Again need ur good wishes my friends to make this machine a more stabilised one......

Testing the Quadrotor in IPS Academy

Testing the quadrotor @ the IPS Academy.....The quadrotor understands our commands but still have some problems of balancing so ,we tied four threads so that it will not hit someone and itself with something.

Threads got stressed when it tries to lift up but still we increased the speed only upto 60-70% so as to minimize the risk factor of breaking of any of the components of the quadrotor.

Hoping that very soon we will be able to train this dragon!.......a wonderful and a powerful dragon......Always need ur best wishes....

Training the Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning,
Yes it is very true that now our quadrotor is able to understand us and follow our instructions.But still its very tough for that Quadrotor to stabilise in the mid-air.

So we are now checking the Gyroscope signals and output angles to make it a stabilized one...

This quadrotor is really very fast and it lifts up with very high thrust.Testing and stabilizing this Quadrotor is like training the dragon......

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Quadrotor Hovering

Assembling the blades of Quadrotor helicopter

Our quadrotor hovering on the platform of Technido.In the above video we have used only near about 30% of the total speed of our quadrotor ,so it is only hovering.The another reason for not increasing the speed of the quadrotor at once is that our quadrotor is not balanced right now.So if we had increased the speed ,the machine could have turned upside down and fell on the ground.Now Balancing this quadrotor is our next big and challenging task.

We are very happy because today we not only was able to hover this quad ,but also we were able to rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise.

Again we would like to thanks Mr. Siddharth dev sir for ,the time they given to us and the project.

Thanks a lot God for all the ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our quadrotor rotating clockwise and Counter Clockwise

Our quadrotor helicopter trying to hover and rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise according to our instructions....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Controling all four motors of the quadrotor with the wireless remote

Gaurav(sky blue tshirt) ,Mayank(centre),Lokesh(chequed shirt) making the connections of wires of our quadrotor helicopter for the testing of the Quadrotor @ the Technido Indore.

Our dude the Gaurav Gupta "Joy Lobo" showing the quadrotor helicopter....

Lokesh "The programmer" is here with lovely attitude showing the quadrotor helicopter...

Lokendra checking the signals @ CRO,the most important equipment for the testing of the signals that we transmitt and receive.

Gaurav ,Mayank(me) and Lokesh showing our quadrotor helicopter

Lokendra looking @ our quadrotor helicopter and seems very happy as this new Quadrotor the latest model started working very well.....

Thanks a lot God and all the friends for the good wishes because of which the project started working.
We are very Thankful to all people who have guided us directly or indirectly for this Quadrotor helicopter.

Hoping very best for the next steps

Mayank Gupta

Sunday, April 10, 2011